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Fashion Model Gone Porn

How does a gorgeous fashion model become a porn diva? What are those filthy desires that lead her from the runway to the adult industry? And what skills a fashion doll has that makes her an excellent porn star? We will reply to all these question in the next half an hour.
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Let\'s Make a Deal!

Lucy is an expensive girl. New dresses, shoes and jewelry every day. But this time gifts won't come for free. She has to 'sell' her old attire to her boyfriend and his buddy. Lucy doesn't get embarrassed by the situation. A deal is a deal... and for the money, she strips away all... attire and inhibitions alike.
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Club Sandy

Surprise Stripper - Part 2

What a generous and grateful girlfriend Staci is... not to mention naughty and sexy. To show her appreciation for the fantastic holiday, she organizes a pole dancer to the hotel room to entertain her boyfriend and herself, of course. But the little show turns into a filthy, crazy threesome... and we had the chance to record it all.
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Ass Hole Fever

Mesmerized by strength

Strong men and especially big male muscles always turn Kayla on. Just like today. Mesmerized by the sight of the training Mugur, seeing him with those massive weights made her reach into her tight training shorts to rub her kitty wet. Then, losing the control over her lust, she joints in to offer the man a different workout... something that involves her tight asshole.
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Butt Plays

Tiny Lil\' Thing Called Anal

Silvia is cool, hip and relaxed enough to be ready for a crazy little thing called anal. Indeed, the naughty babe keeps very few limits and she prefers to live her life in a most exciting way... and if it means she will be banged in her tight asshole in front of a camera, so be it.
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Anal Teen Angels

Anal Teen Angel Sofi

Sofi is famous about her fantastic handjob skills, that's why they call her "Goldfinger". But after today, when we saw her in anal action, we seriously considered to call her "Goldbum". She wasn't to happy with the new name so instead we invited her to be one of our newest Anal Teen Angel. Welcome her with love and an erect cock.
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Teen Porn Videos

Sexy, pretty 18+ teen girls come in, talk a little about themselves and how they want to experience a big dick — then they strip down, suck cock and get fucked by the hung guy they are presented with.

They look great, sound great and make good use of every inch they’re given.

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If you like to watch pretty, well built teenage girls deal with a nice big dick, this one is for you!

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Dolly Little – Fuck-Dolly



Red hair, cute face, school girl outfit and meaty pussy lips that show through her sheer panties. Those are the reasons why you’re going to love Dolly. She diddles her clit, showing you how she plays with herself when there’s no one around, stroking her cunny curtain and sticking a finger deep inside. Dolly lives up to her name, being so slender and petite that you could pick her up and toss her around just like a doll. Tiny girls ooze sex appeal in their own way, and that’s why she’s our own adorable little fuck-Dolly.

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Dolly Little – Ginger Creamer

Ginger Creamer

Ginger Creamer

What was your first time having sex like?
“My first time was actually at an all-girls sleepover party with a very cute brunette. We kissed and did oral in a room surrounded by a bunch of sleeping girls. It was hot because we had to be quiet so we didn’t wake anyone, but it was so hard because we were both dying to moan. I had to bite my lip to keep it in. I know some people might not consider that a real first time since I was with a girl, but I’m bi and it was really hot. So I consider it my first time.”

What kind of guys do you like?
“I’m crazy about the older ones. But it’s so hard to get them to pay attention to me because I look young. I’ve even gone so far as to hit on a sexy DILF, and I had to show him my ID to prove I was legal. Then he let me blow him. I’m a pleaser, so it was a big turn-on.”

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Kasey Warner – Itty Bitty Bikini

Itty Bitty Bikini

Itty Bitty Bikini

Are you ready for spring break, Kasey?
“Totally! I plan to spend the entire time in a bikini or naked. My parents will be gone so the house is all mine to do whatever I want. That means lots of nude tanning and pool parties!”

Have you ever had sex in their pool?
“No, but I plan to! I’ve always wanted to do it in the water, whether it’s the pool, ocean or shower. I have had sex on their bed though. I left such a creamy mess all over their sheets that I had to rush to do the laundry before they got home. I Febrezed the hell out of the room to get the smell of sex out and put the sheets back right at the last second.”

You kind of like to do naughty things, huh?
“I’m a little bit of a bad girl with a heart of gold. I just like to have fun, and what’s more fun than doing something forbidden? My spring break will be filled with lots of naughty activities. Luckily fucking in a pool doesn’t require any clean-up!”

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Jennifer Matthews – Blue-Eyed Pixie

Blue-Eyed Pixie

Blue-Eyed Pixie

Welcome back, Jennifer. The last time you were here you took on a huge cock.
“Yes, that was my first huge cock. I had a lot of fun fucking it, even though it barely fit inside me! But I’m not necessarily a size queen. Don’t get me wrong; big dicks are great. But I can definitely appreciate the smaller ones, too. Being so little, I don’t need a really huge one to get me off. And actually, what gets me off the best is really good oral. Now that is something I will be picky about it. You gotta know how to lick it!”

Who eats better pussy, guys or girls?
“For the most part girls are better at it because they’re more gentle and sensual, and well, they have a pussy so they know what feels good. But I have been with a couple of guys who were so amazing at oral they blew the girls out of the water.”

We bet we can guess your favorite position. Is it doggie-style?
“Yep! I know lots of girls say that, but it’s just such a fun position! You can really get the shit fucked out of you when you’re on all fours. And since I’m small and I have a shallow pussy, doggie-style is good for me when I’m with a guy with a big cock. For some reason I can take it deeper in that position. Or maybe it’s just easier for me to take the pounding. Whatever it is, I always cum hard in doggie!”

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A picnic with a mouth full of pricks

The girl fucks in the wood with two strange partners licking their stiff cocks and swallowing the sperm
Watch this gallery now!

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Lizzie Tucker – Twat Tussle

Twat Tussle

Twat Tussle

Ah, the old wrestling technique. It’s one way guys go in for the kill. And it makes sense; it’s a good way to make physical contact with a girl and get her in a playful mood. And it works with Lizzie! This guy pins her and starts kissing her neck and tits, and before you know it they’re dry humping. After that there’s no way Lizzie can say no to a dicking. “All that wrestling and tickling made my pussy all wet,” said Lizzie. “I couldn’t stop thinking about sucking his cock and balls, so I did! I knew he was turned on too ’cause I could taste all the precum oozing out of his dickhole. After all the oral I went for a pretty sweet ride on his cock. I wasn’t sure I could take all of it ’cause it was so big, but I was able to handle it.”

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The blonde shows downblouse and fucks a stranger

Desperate hard fucking and cock sucking on the car seat of a strange boyfriend
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Piper – Magic Pussy

Magic Pussy

Magic Pussy

“Something that I’ve been told a lot by guys is that I have a magic pussy. They all tell me how pretty and tight it is, and how good it smells and tastes. So I’ve always been pretty confident in that department. It’s also a magic pussy for me too, because I get wet really fast and I’m capable of having lots of orgasms. The most I ever had in one session was 10 orgasms. I love my horny, little pussy!”

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